Creams & Gels


Callusan is specially formulated for mild to excessive build-up of dry skin, chapped heels, cracks and indentations, corns etc. With low to high dosage urea, even stubborn hard skin can be visibly softened. Callusan, with avocado oil and shea butter, thoroughly moisturises and gives the skin back its elasticity and suppleness.


Nemidon Gels

Nemidon Footcare & Deodorant, Natural Soothing Hydrating Gel assists in the prevention of cracked dry skin. Rapidly hydrating, it cools and soothes tired aching feet and legs. It contains essential oils and is non-greasy and long lasting.


LUXE30 Coconut Foot Moisturiser

Luxe30 Coconut Foot Moisturiser is a Natural Foot moisturiser made from premium ingredients. It is made in Australia and promotes rehydration of the skin. It has a high concentration of Urea, 30%. It’s non-greasy formula is easily absorbed, as it works to reduce corn and callous as well as preventing cracked heels and dry skin.


Spirularin Gel

Spirularin gel is a natural moisturiser and active antimicrobial protection for skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc..). It also provides proactive protection against skin infection (Athlete’s foot, diabetic feet etc..)

Clinically proven, naturally active antifungal and antibacterial action of Spirularin micro algae extract.

Active antimicrobial protection against secondary infections for extremely sensitive, damaged and allergic skin.

Cell-regenerative properties of Spirularin – accelerate healing and restore skin’s natural protection barrier.

100% natural, hydrating and soothing gel formulation – smooth, economical application and fast absorption.

Proactive care to prevent skin infection (ie. Athlete’s foot)

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