Children’s feet

Portrait of ten children standing on a bench at an outdoors partAs children grow, it’s important that their feet develop correctly. Of course, this means ensuring that their feet are measured regularly to make sure they’re wearing the correct shoe size. This may need to happen more often than you think – sometimes every few months.

There are also conditions that affect children’s foot development. If you notice uneven shoe wear, skin rashes or hard lumps and bumps on their feet it’s a good idea to consult one of our podiatrists. Other signs of problems are complaining of recurrent pain in their feet or legs, frequent tripping and falling, a listing gait or difficulty walking or running.

Whatever your child’s age, we provide a complete service at Footpoint. Whether you want a general check-up for peace of mind, or want us to investigate a particular concern, our podiatrists will provide the right advice and best management. Among the conditions we treat are foot/ankle/knee/hip pain, ingrown nails, Sever’s disease and Osgood Schlatter’s disease.

We also assess and treat problems with walking including: slow to start children; toe walkers; pigeon toeing; club foot (congenital talipes equinovarus): metatarsus adductus; flatfoot (calcaneovalgus); and digital deformities like web toes or overlapping toes. Podiatry can also be helpful for children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or Down syndrome. At Footpoint we also provide education and preventive care for patients with child onset diabetes.