Schedule of Fees

Our schedule of standard fees is listed below.

Please get in touch with The Footpoint Podiatry Team for a quote specific to your needs.

Please also consider the following:

Medicare rebates apply for those who attend with an EPC (extended primary care referral) from their GP. The current 2023 Medicare rebate is $58.30

We are registered to treat DVA patients, so there is no out of pocket expense with a valid DVA referral from your GP. This includes all appointments, assessments, nail surgeries and custom orthotics. It does exclude some products available in clinic.

Funding may be possible through your My Aged Care provider. Please contact your provider.

We are NDIS registered for self managed, plan managed and NDIA managed. You can read more HERE.

We are a Medibank Private members choice clinic, discounts apply. Lower appointment costs and 15% off assessments, scanning, custom orthotics and nail surgeries.

We are a HCF more for feet provider, discounts apply. Once a year you are entitled to an appointment that is fully covered by HCF.


Initial Appointment (F004) $110

Follow-up Appointment (F012)  $88

Home Visit Initial Appointment (F024 + travel fee) $160

Follow-up Home Visit (F033 + travel fee) $130

Lunula Laser for fungal nails (F012 + F145) $125 per session

Swift Therapy for warts (F012 + F145) $225 per session

Shockwave therapy (F012 + F145) $115 per session

Prolotherapy Initial (F012 OR F004 + F411) $195

Prolotherapy Follow-up (F012 + F411) $155 



This will require a Biomechanical Assessment and also 3D scanning of your feet

An appointment is required to fit and also review your custom orthotics. (F012) $88 per appointment

Biomechanical Assessment (F118) $100
(often booked with initial appointment for painful pathology related to musculoskeletal concerns)

Scanning for custom orthotics (F301 x 2) $110 ($55 per foot)

Custom Orthotics (F221 x 2) $550 ($275 per foot) (fitting and review appointments required at additional cost)



3 review appointments (minimum) are required for these procedures at additional cost of (F012) $88 per appointment

Dressing packs are supplied to take home

Partial Nail Removal & sterilisation; 1 toe (F546) $360

Additional nail edge of same toe (F548) $125

Total Nail Removal with or without sterilisation (F547) $400 


Have any questions?

Please get in touch with The Footpoint Podiatry Team on

Ph; 3256 0455