ShoeZap Shoe Sanitizer

Eliminate Fungus & Bacteria Using UV Light! The fast and easy way to improve foot health and hygiene.
ShoeZap is the latest in UV Light technology specifically designed to kill and eliminate Fungus and Bacteria that are responsible for smelly shoes and feet, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and diabetic foot infections.

This scientifically proven technology works, taking only 15 minutes to sanitise one pair of shoes. At Footpoint Podiatry we use ShoeZap as part of our fungal toenail treatment process. We also use it for those who sweat more than usual, another cause of smelly shoes and feet.

Regular Treatment Stops Embarrassing Odour
With regular use ShoeZap will help keep your shoes clean and far more hygienic and will assist in deodorizing your footwear. Smelly feet are embarrassing, but you can put an end to your embarrassment forever by using ShoeZap.

Sprays, Powders & Insoles
If you’ve had smelly feet you may have used sprays, powders and insoles, but these treatment methods only cover the smell, they do not destroy the germs that cause the odour…ShoeZap does with its germicidal UV light technology.

There are millions of germs living in your shoes and ShoeZap attacks them all.

One Size Fits All
ShoeZap easily fits into all types of footwear, from runners to dress shoes and high heels, fitting everything in between, with it’s unique design its one size fits all. Also the UV Light will not damage leather, suede or other materials.