Footwear, Sandals, slippers & Thongs

Footpoint Podiatry offers a range of footwear in clinic.


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Revere Footwear & Sandals

Revere Footwear and Sandals have been designed in collaboration with leading footwear experts to provide maximum adjustability to support many foot types. They provide a removable footbed for those required to wear custom-made orthotic devices. The extra depth unit allows for a wide variety of custom orthotics to be inserted without taking away from the stylish look of the shoes.


Vionic Footwear, Slippers, Sandals and Thongs

Vionic’s Orthaheel technology is based on more than 30 years of podiatric medical success and innovative collaboration from renowned experts in biomechanics and foot health. We are confident that you will love the way our shoes make you feel. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis (heel pain) or you’re simply seeking stellar support, you will find comfort in your shoes that you never thought was possible. Vionic’s contoured sandals are proven to effectively alleviate heel pain, giving you the confidence to walk, move and live free from pain.

Vionic has such a substantial range, and seasonal footwear, so please come visit us at Footpoint Podiatry to see and feel the difference.


Dr Comfort Footwear, Sandals and Slippers

The Dr Comfort Footwear range has stylish, orthopaedic shoes for men and women. These shoes, sandals and slippers look as great as they feel and are designed to keep your feet healthy and happy. The unique measure-and-order system ensures you are getting a shoe that not only fits in length, but in width and depth too. It also allows the fitting of custom orthotics.


Orthotic Thongs and Sandals

For men and women, this range of thongs and sandals has been biomechanically designed. They have a unique inbuilt orthotic midsole and have been designed for everyday wear. It’s a good combination of cushioning and support.


Children's Orthotic Thongs & Sandals

This specially designed children’s range has a unique inbuilt orthotic midsole and is intended for everyday wear. It offers a good combination of cushioning and support.