Pregnancy And Your Feet

We were inspired by our last Facebook post highlighting 10 interesting challenges during pregnancy. Today we want to give you a bit more information regarding pregnancy and your feet.

Pregnancy is the beginning of many different changes in a woman’s body, often leading to these interesting challenges. One of the most common complaints, often overlooked, is foot pain. Due to the natural weight gain during pregnancy, a woman’s center of gravity is completely altered. This causes a new weight-bearing stance and added pressure to the knees and feet.

Two of the most common foot problems experienced by pregnant woman are over- pronation (flat feet) and swelling. These problems can lead to pain in the heel, arch, or the ball-of-foot. Many women may also experience leg cramping and varicose veins, again due to this natural weight gain.

Over-pronation can make walking very painful increasing strain on the feet, calves and back. The reason many pregnant women suffer from over-pronation is the added pressure on the body as a result of, again we say the natural weight gain, and also the relaxin hormone the body produces during pregnancy. Over-pronation is also very prominent in people who have flexible, flat feet.

Swelling in the feet, normally occurs in the latter part of pregnancy. This results from the extra blood accumulated during pregnancy. The enlarging uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvis and legs causing circulation to slow down and blood to pool in the lower extremities. The total water fluid in the body remains the same as before pregnancy, however it becomes displaced. When feet are swollen, they can become purplish in color. Sometimes extra water is retained during pregnancy, adding to the swelling.

The Footpoint Podiatry Team are experts at assessing and showing you how to manage your uncomfortable issues during pregnancy. Sometimes it’s as easy as showing you when and how to comfortably elevate you legs and feet, and fitting you with some cushioning and supportive shoes.

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