New Year: New You: New Years Resolutions: Too Much Too Quickly

Welcome to 2016! It’s a New year, and for some that spells an exciting new beginning to a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes this means jumping in with both feet (pun intended) and pushing those limits of fitness and exercise.

If you are new to the gym, or especially exercise in general, always start slow, ease into it and build your strength, conditioning and fitness. New movements require new muscular and neurological coordination. These sudden demands often recruit more muscular activity to perform the movement and additional demands for balance and agility.  A weak ankle or knee may fail if too much new physiological stress is applied too soon. This is especially apparent when it comes to exercises involving medicine balls and plyometric movements (like jumping or throwing) since they require good balance and coordination to avoid injury.

Another important consideration is repetitive stress injury, particularly if certain exercises are not performed correctly. If you suffer biomechanical differences that require a management plan, ensure you are assessed thoroughly to avoid this type of injury occurring. Common conditions classified as repetitive stress injuries are shin splints, achilles tendonitis, calf, knee and ankle pain. The Footpoint Podiatry Team can assess, diagnose and manage your symptoms, keep you active and enjoying the activities you love.

Let’s make 2016 the best year yet, building that healthier lifestyle. You can push those limits of fitness and exercise, by safely building your strength and conditioning.