Footpoint Podiatry Orthotic Styles

Following on from our previous article about the Footpoint Podiatry difference regarding our assessment techniques and orthotics; we have put together some photos to show how we can work with different styles of orthotics for foot types, specific needs and footwear.

Below is a photo of the different types of orthotics. The style is chosen based on your presenting pathology (pain, gait issues), what activities you are involved in (sports, work etc…) whether or not you are wearing socks and what shoes they will be worn in.


Ballet flats can cause foot pain for many reasons. See below for our solution – a ‘hook or coat hanger’ device. This is a slimline device that can be put into the shoe to provide support for the arch and forefoot, features that a ballet flat lacks. We stock orthotic appropriate ballet flats for all sizes.


In the Queensland heat, many of our ladies find that wearing a closed in shoes all day is just to hot! Here we have an example of a full corrective orthotic that can be put into a sandal. This orthotic and shoe style allows versatility as the orthotic can also be used in a runner. This means that it is not necessary to purchase multiple pairs of orthotics for different shoe types. We stock a range of sandals that can be used for this purpose and also have access to a full range that can be ordered on request.