Falls Prevention

It is estimated that 1 in every 3 older adults experience a fall each year, with moderate to severe injury occurring 20 to 30% of the time.

Fall related injuries also significantly increase the likelihood of being admitted into aged care, with only half of older people hospitalised as a result of a fall related fracture being able to return home.


Fall risk factors;

  • Biomedical – such as age-related physiological changes, physical disability, muscle / joint limitations, chronic disease, medications, vision loss, chronic diseases and comorbidities.
  • Environmental – such as inappropriate footwear and socks, steps and stairs, carpet and rugs, slippery surfaces and poor lighting.
  • Behavioural – such as reduced physical activity and capacity, fear of falling, perceptions of risk.


Falls are one of the largest contributors to mobility issues in the older population and it is part of our job as a podiatrist to aid in education and prevention. We are able to provide education on risk factors and recommend treatments or products that would be beneficial in decreasing this of falls. Specific falls assessments can be carried out to determine if someone is classified as a risk.

Through a thorough assessment we can determine how likely you are of having a fall, then provide treatments and make recommendations on how to reduce this risk.

This may include treating painful conditions, identifying and correcting underlying biomechanical and gait abnormalities, prescribing exercises and stretches, and issuing foot health and footwear advice. We even offer a wide range of podiatry approved footwear brands and styles, as well as the Original Gripsox Non-slip Socks here at out clinic.

It is out goal to help you maintain your quality of life and safe independence, so call The Footpoint Podiatry Team today and take your first step in the right direction of reducing your falls risk.

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