Dry Sore flaking Skin in the Winter Months

Spring is here, but many of our patient’s feet still bear the signs of a frosty winter. Seasonal changes can greatly affect our skin, particularly in relation to its hydration. When the skin on our feet is dry it can cause it to crack, particularly on our heels. As well as feeling sometimes itchy and generally uncomfortable, these cracks can bleed and become very painful if not treated.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? It is important for keeping you warm as well as keeping all the germs and bacteria out. When your skin is dry and damaged, or there is a cut , it is easier for germs to enter the body.

How do we address dry skin at Footpoint Podiatry?

There are many options for treating dry skin. Podiatrist’s have a unique skill set which allows us to use specific tools in order to remove and manage the build up of dry skin. You could think of it as a ‘Medi-Pedi’. (https://www.footpointpodiatry.com.au/our-services/cosmetic-podiatry/)

All the tools we use are sterilized using an autoclave to ensure there is no infection risk. The procedure is therefore safe and painless and following the application of a cream, the skin will be soft and smooth.

It is important to apply an emollient cream such as a sorbolene, on a daily basis. Your podiatrist will often remind you to apply cream to your feet as part of your daily routine. The best time to apply this is at night just before bed and then put socks on to help the cream absorb over night. Be certain to make sure the cream has soaked in, before having your shower in the morning so you don’t slip! Some skin requires a cream containing urea to help address the flaking and peeling  dry skin. Urea helps to soften the skin in order to help the moisture to soak in.

An additional service at Footpoint Podiatry is the option of a paraffin wax treatment. This can be complimentary to a Medi-Pedi Treatment . You can read more about the benefits of a paraffin wax treatment here https://www.footpointpodiatry.com.au/our-services/paraffin-wax/

Let our Footpoint Podiatrists give your feet the very best attention. Call and make an appointment for a Medi Pedi today!Stocksy_txp907c75d80Ot000_Small_658857