Ankle Sprains

Acute ankle sprains are the most common sporting injury, and did you know they account for about 14% of all sports related injuries?

The severity of an ankle sprain can range from very minor to quite severe depending on a number of factors.

These factors generally indicate an increased risk of a potential ankle sprain;

  • Gender; women are more likely
  • Age; Adolescents are more likely
  • Increased flexibility, especially hypermobility
  • Dancers and
  • Athletes competing in court sports.

However, the greatest indicator for increased risk of an ankle sprain is………

those who have suffered an ankle sprain in the past. These patients will be the most at risk, especially if they do not seek out the appropriate treatment and are not cared for properly.

Most commonly an ankle sprain will cause damage to the soft tissue structures around the ankle, including the ligaments. More severe injuries can involve a complete rupture of a ligament, sometimes multiple ruptures, joint instability, bone bruising and even fractures.

Ankle sprains are classified using a 3 grade system.

Grade 1; Mild – Sprain

Grade 2: Moderate – tear

Grade 3: Severe – rupture

Your Footpoint Podiatrist will tailor a specific treatment plan, depending on the classification of your ankle sprain and some other factors (relating to specific sports, work commitments etc..).

The main goal of the treatment plan is to reduce initial pain, manage inflammation and swelling, followed by a return to normal function through rehabilitation aimed at improving range of motion, strength, balance, flexibility and agility.

Treatments we may prescribe include, rest, ice, compression, anti-inflammatories, low level laser, dry needling, manual therapies, mobilisation, stretching, exercise prescription, orthotic therapy and prolotherapy. In more severe cases a moon boot would initially be fitted or if required a surgical consult may be advised.

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